Tips For Selling Your House

Selling your house is something you'll have to do in your life perhaps just a few times. And if you don't know a local real estate agent who will sell your house for free or a hugely discounted commission, it can be a real pain in the back and a costly process for you too. 

* You have no or very little equity in your house and you can't afford to pay fees from the real estate agents. 

* You have equity but would like to try to save money by selling the house yourself before you hire an agent 

* You're in foreclosure (or heading that way) and you just need to sell quickly without incurring thousands of commissions in agents. 

* You can't wait to sell a house in your area in this market for months and months, so you want to try to sell it faster. 

* Whatever you land in, there are ways to sell your house on the local real estate market yourself. 

This article will give some guidelines to help you sell your house in the area yourself. 

Know the good of the local real estate market 

The first and most important step is to carry out market research in your area neighbourhood. This step involves visiting different home marketing sites and considering how to advertise on, calling a real estate agent or two to see what your home is worth, or reading about the different market pricing techniques. Proper homework on these issues will enable you to come up with the right price for your home and also help you avoid making certain spelling errors. 

Analyse The Local Market in Your Area

This step is nearly similar to conducting market research, only that you are bound to your neighbourhood and similar homes in this case. There are lots of houses in your neighbourhood for sale? If so, to what average are they listed? Are there tonnes of nearby foreclosures? That could drag down your house price. 

Analyse Other Homes For Sale

As a seller, to sell at a good price your home should be in top condition or form. Identify and emphasise certain unique features about it during the marketing process. For example, in some areas, a house with a parking driveway may be more attractive to buyers compared to one with a parking garage. 

Does your house need repairs too? Does inside or out need to be repainted? How is the Roof Condition? Is the landscaping fit for good? Is this house completely outdated? All of these things, depending on the buyer, can make the house more attractive or less attractive, which changes the price they are willing to pay. 

Photographs or Videos 

Buyers are media obsessed. Taking house walk-through videos and advertising using the videos will allow you to reach a larger market. These videos are seen as more transparent than taking pictures. This does not however stop you from using the latter alternative as it is more affordable than the video. 

So take some stunning pictures. Take a picture of each room in the house which helps to show it off. Take a picture of the house in a few different angles from the outside, people want to see the house before they ever show up to see it. So having great online pictures of your house could be the difference between quickly getting the right buyer, and waiting months to sell. 

Get your house listed and market it on the most popular websites 

These days, you will find no or low fee real estate brokers who will charge you a couple of hundred bucks to place your house on the major websites which you can utilise as part of your sell my house myself privately strategy. This easily puts your house in front of all real estate agents (so be prepared to pay a 2-3 per cent buyers broker fee for those "buyers" agents if you want to get their support to help you find a buyer. 

Place advertising in the local newspaper, mark the roads and have an open house. 

All of this sound like a lot of work to sell Fast Yourself to your House? 
Might be. 

And at the end of the day, many house sellers believe that by selling the house themselves they are saving money and time, when it costs them more money to go down that path.