Selling A House

10 Steps to Sell The House 

1. Look for a real estate agent. 

Your agent is your sales partner and has only one aim-to to ensure that your house is sold at the best price and terms the market can offer. We 're putting you first. We will sell your home at the best price and conditions available, putting your interests above all else's, including ours. Our skill and caring will guide you to a successful outcome and an excellent experience through the complex immobilization process. 

2. Get your property ready. 

Once you put your house on the market there might be some items you can do that will get you a better price. We're encouraging you to strategise. We will tell you what will get you the highest return for the time and dollars spent, whether it's polishing and de-cluttering, staging rooms, or minor repairs and upgrades. 

3. Price your property correctly. 

Factors such as location, condition, and recent sales of similar properties all affect your home's selling price. A smart price listing will position you to get the most value out of your offer. We know homes and the market. We've helped people sell their homes in all kinds of markets since 1986. We know how the real value of any component of your home can be measured and communicated. For you, we will build a pricing plan for selling your home at the best price possible. 

4. Advertise your property. 

To get the best price using the sell my home online method, you need to expose your home to the broadest number of people who might be interested in it. Over the wall. Printed. Personally. Our extensive marketing plan includes the creation of a custom home web site. We use the most trafficked real estate blogs, images, skilled photography, and design and we network with hundreds of real estate agents-all to get you as many potential buyers as possible. 

5. Show your home at its best.
And though you can still live in your house, you will need buyers to envision how they're going to make it their own. To help customers envision the possibilities, we point out the best features of your house. Our expertise in sales and awareness of houses helps us to answer and place in context any purchaser questions. We exchange input from customers and distributors to help fine-tune the sales approach. 

6. Consider all Offers. 

A bid triggers a dialogue between you and a potential buyer. It is important not only to consider the price and terms but also the qualifications and ability of the buyer to complete the transaction. 
We 're negotiators, master. We have negotiated the sale of more than 1,000 properties, and we will deliver the most advantageous results for you. We research extensively and factor in everything about buyers and markets we can know and intuit. We are also experts in assessing whether the buyer can close the sale at the offered price and terms (especially important if there are multiple offers). 

7. Arrange Inspections for potential buyers. 

The buyer hires a home inspector to determine if the structure or systems of the property contain hidden defects. Inspection Flexibility of the bid covers the buyer if significant unexpected issues are found. 

We are in it. We follow and pay close attention to inspection. When unforeseen issues arise, our strength is to read the situation and make use of our vast knowledge of houses and people to work through the issues and get you the best result. 

8. The Purchase and Sale Arrangement and Valuation. 

The P&S, the final, detailed sales contract, will be negotiated by your lawyer. After it's signed, the buyer's lender must submit an appraiser to make sure the property's worth reflects the purchase price. 
We are moving beyond and beyond. We are doing whatever it takes to coordinate the timely execution of this important document. And then, in establishing the value of your home, we bring our expertise and our research to mount the strongest argument to the appraiser. 

9. All of the finishing information. 

There are still a number of critical details to complete from this point before successfully selling your house. This final stretch of the process is governed by date, deadlines, and documents. 

Our validated program of transaction management ensures nothing is lost, everything is on schedule, and you can stop stressing and finish packing. 

10. Your property has now sold!

In a final walk-through, the buyer verifies that the house is in the condition agreed upon. The closing brings together all parties to sign the necessary papers, exchange money and keys, and complete the sale. If you have been able to advertise your house on without an agent, it will be time to change the status of your listing or have it removed altogether.

Our Plan for Infinity at Home. The end of this intense experience is the closing, but we hope it does not mean the end of our relationship. Our Home Infinity Plan (HIP) invites you to call us, from now until forever, for any real estate related question or need. We'll be happy to help.